General Questions

What are Guests?

Guests are Authorised Users that are part of a project but are not members of the organisation account. They can only see and access the project they have been added to. They are still Authorised Users of the account but have limited access. So this is a great way to collaborate with subcontractors and external parties without giving them full access to all of the organisation’s account.


  • Guests can only see and access the projects they are added to
  • Guests can add already existing organisation account members to the project
  • Guests cannot add other guests to the project
  • Guests cannot create projects in the organisation account


  • Users can add guests to projects
  • Users cannot add guests to the organisation account
  • Users cannot add other users to the organisation account


  • Admins can add users and guests to projects
  • Admins can add users to the organisation account
  • Admins can add guests to the organisation account

You can see and manage the guests in the main ‘people’ tab of the organisation account.

Will BaseStone use the storage on my device?

For offline use, BaseStone does utilise some of the storage space on your mobile device. However there are mechanisms through in place which manage the storage level. The system will automatically remove temporary data to free up space. You can also use the settings to limit storage on the device:

  • You can choose to sync (or not, the default is to sync) each project in the project settings in the iPad. This will help you to control the storage on the device.

  • The information (synced drawings) is not removed from the iPad. Temporary data that can be recreated offline is removed to free up space.

Can I upload CAD files?


You can upload CAD files but you can’t view them. BaseStone can still store your CAD files but currently you can only view PDFs and images using the system. We’ll keep all of your files safe and secure in one place.



Is there a notice period to cancel your service ?


At the end of the period your service will be cancelled immediately.


Is BaseStone available on Android or Windows ?

We’re working on it!

Currently it’s not available on Android or Windows, but we hope to extend the app to Android in the near future.



Does BaseStone work on a PC?


Basestone works on any modern browser – so it will work on any computer.


How do I change or reset my password?

Change my password

  • Changing your password can be done from any page of your web browser
  • Simply click on your name in the top right corner of your screen to reveal a drop down menu
  • Select ‘Profile & settings’



  • Scroll down to change your password.

Reset my password

If you can’t log in and would like to have your password reset, follow these steps:

  • Go to in your browser
  • Click ‘Forgot your password’ and follow the steps

Note: This function is only available on the web application, accessible through the web browser.

How do I report a bug?

We always want to hear about bugs and also any feedback you have!

Just use the feedback button in the bottom right hand corner of the app. We’ll get back to you in no time.